New Items For 2019 !!
Keep checking back as we try to add pictures of more of our new items for 2019!
Some of our NEW fountains, candles, assortments & novelties!
Popcorn Snowballs Laser Sabers Jurassic
Naughty Ape

Some of our NEW 200 & 350 gram cakes for 2019!
Striking Rainbow Puffer Fish Knuckle Sandwich 'Merica Perfect 7

Hot Take Horn Dog Begging Dog What Are You Smoking? Doggy Style

  All 200 & 350 gram cakes above are new for 2019
and are sure to become crowd & family favorites!
4th of July Spectacular Happy Magic Carnival    

Some of our NEW 500 gram cakes for 2019!
Total Gossip 2 Minute Extravaganza Ridiculously Amazing Ridiculously Awesome Bubble Storm

Flippin the Bird Night Howler Raging Ninja Sceptre Sonic Gun

      All 500 gram cakes above are new for 2019
... pick out some new heavy hitters to join your Independence Day show!
Train Wreck        

Some of our NEW Artillery Shells!
Easy Shot Laser Galaxy Power
Red Zone Grand Jury

American Avengers Crackling
Artillery Shells
Devil Rockets Don't Panic Flying Eagle Rockets

  Reload fans ... as always there are a TON of
options for you at
Bob's Fireworks City ... singles, doubles, triples, quads, and canisters of all sizes, colors & effects!

New to artillery/reloads? Stop by & visit with our staff to find out how to get started this year!

Galactic Intruder

King of Fire
Metal Gear